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Merchem Limited utilizes the latest technologies to deliver superior quality chemicals for rubber and other industries. Merchem, since its inception, emphasized on technological competence backed by a strong Research & Development programme. We believe this would help the company in meeting its present and future challenges.
Understanding the ever-changing and demanding requirements of our customers and society, and integrating them into our activities has been the key to our technological developments. Our technology developments comprises of activities like process improvements to develop low-cost processes by the way of yield improvements, cycle-time reductions, tactful management of cost/energy intensive operations etc., and transferring the benefits to our customers. The process developments have led to quality products with excellent stability, particularly, in the area of intrinsically less stable Sulfenamide accelerators. Our inclination towards development of greener processes has led to using eco-friendly raw materials as well as developing environmental friendly nitrosamine-free rubber chemicals. Waste has been minimized by developing efficient processes and recycling wastes, to the extent possible, by using appropriate procedures.

Application Research on existing as well as new products to meet requirements of our customers is carried out in the exclusive R&D labs.



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