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Product Information
Merchem Limited mainly caters to rubber-based industries but it has a range of other products too. They are mostly into agriculture, water treatment, etc. The products range from accelerators, anti-oxidants, anti-degradants, processing aids, anti-ozonants, anti-flex cracking agents, water treatment chemicals, sulphur donors to agrochemical intermediaries.

Rubber Chemical Accelerators

Thiazoles - Rubber Chemical Accelerators
Semi ultra fast rubber chemical accelerators for NR, BR, SBR and other highly unsaturated diene rubbers, Thiazole rubber chemical accelerators offer good tensile and resilience properties when used in combination with booster rubber chemical accelerators on a compromise of scorch and reversion resistance.

Sulphenamides - Rubber Chemical Accelerators
Fast delayed action rubber chemical accelerators for NR, BR, SBR and other sulphur/sulphur donor cured diene rubbers. They offer excellent scorch safety during the processing of rubber compounds. They impart good modulus, tensile strength, resilience and flex fatigue resistance in comparison with thiazole rubber chemical accelerators. Activities of sulfonamide accelerators may be further boosted by using small dosages of thiuram class of Rubber chemical accelerators.

Thiuram - Rubber Chemical Accelerators
Thiuram Ultra fast accelerators for NR, BR, SBR and highly unsaturated diene rubbers, these normally are used as secondary rubber chemical accelerators in combination with sulphenamide or thiazole class of rubber chemical accelerators. However, they are most preferred primary rubber chemical accelerators for sulphur cured unsaturated rubbers like butyl and EPDM. It can be used as sulphur donor in case of EV cure of diene rubbers.

Dithiocarbamates - Rubber Chemical Accelerators
Dithiocarbamates They are ultra fast primary rubber chemical accelerators for NR latex based compounds. They exhibit scorching tendency, faster cure rate and higher cross link density.

Guanidines - Rubber Chemical Accelerators
Used as a secondary rubber chemical accelerator with sulfenamides and thiazoles in rubber and as secondary gelling agent in foam rubber.

Aniline-Aldehyde Condensates - Rubber Chemical Accelerators
Used as a rubber chemical accelerator to increase the speed of vulcanization.

Antidegradants – Rubber Chemicals/ Antioxidants

Antioxidant (Quinoline type) - Rubber Chemicals/ Antioxidants
Quinoline type antioxidants

Antioxidant - Rubber Chemicals/ Antioxidants
Hindered Phenols Antioxidants

Antiozonants - Rubber Chemicals/ Antioxidants
Phenylenediamines Type

Processing Aids- Rubber Chemicals

Retarders - Rubber chemicals processing aids
Used as a prevulcanization inhibitor in carbon black filled rubber compounds

Peptisers - Rubber chemicals processing aids

Antitack Agent - Rubber chemicals processing aids
Used to eliminate tackiness of rubber compounds

Foam Stabilizers - Rubber chemicals processing aids

Sulphur Donor

Sulphur Donor

Water Treatment Chemicals


Agrochemical (Technicals)



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